Newspaper Guidlines

The Tuscaloosa News

  • You must turn in your announcement by noon Monday before the Sunday you would like it published.
  • Engagement announcements should be turned in at least two weeks before the wedding and no
    earlier than three months before the wedding. Announcements turned in less than two weeks before
    the wedding will be published in a Wednesday edition of The News.
  • Wedding announcements should be turned in within six weeks after the wedding. Announcements
    turned in more than six weeks after the wedding will be published in an abbreviated form in a
    Wednesday edition of The Tuscaloosa News with only the couple’s names, the names of their parents
    and grandparents, and the date of the wedding. No wedding announcements will be published more
    than three months after the ceremony.
  • Weddings and engagements containing errors made by The Tuscaloosa News staff will be reprinted in
    a Wednesday edition of the newspaper.
  • You may request a specific date of publication, but The News reserves the right to run the announcement
    on another day should space limitations arise.
  • You can bring your wedding or engagement announcement to our 315 28th Avenue office or mail it
    to: The Tuscaloosa News, Attention Peggy Skelton, P. O. Box 20587, Tuscaloosa, AL 35402-0587.
  • The News is not responsible for mailed photos and announcements that do not arrive in our office by
    noon Monday.


  • Studio black and white portraits are requested for best reproduction purposes, but color portraits are acceptable.
  • Photos must be vertical. Horizontal photos do not fit our format and will run smaller than other couple’s pictures.
  • We will attempt to return your photograph if you provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope, or you may retrieve your photo at The News office up to a month after publication. After that time, unclaimed photographs may be discarded.
  • Because of the number of photographs we handle, The News cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged photos.


  • If you have questions, please call the Lifestyle Department at 722-0199, or 722-0195.

The Northport Gazette

  • All photographs and text must be turned in the Monday prior to when it should run, no later than 5pm
  • The Gazette is published every Wednesday afternoon.
  • Photos and text can be emailed to or brought into our
    office at 401 20th Ave., Suite 5, Northport, 759-3091.
  • Photos should be in the best and clearest form possible.
  • Text may also be faxed to 759-5449.
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